Windon Newton


© windon newton, artist
I Am a Mask of Myself, 12 in series, 1990-1991
acrylic on Arches 300lb watercolor paper, 30"x 22" each

© windon newton, artist
Lindsey Alley, portrait
watercolor on Arches 140lb paper, 44"x 22
collection of  Paul and Marsha Alley, Lakeland, Florida

© windon newton
Michael Stevenson with Italian Greyhound, Gina,
watercolor portrait on Arches paper, 9"x 4"
Collection of Michael Stevenson, LA Art Box

© windon newton, artist
Long Family Portrait, 1985
acrylic on canvas,  30" x 24"
Collection of Jeff Long

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All rights reserved. All images on are original creations and produced by the artist, Windon  Newton.