Windon Newton

"I want to acknowledge and thank each patron for their inspirations and their support of my artistic effort. 0ne way of thanks is by establishing and verifing provenance. Contact me."

- Windon Newton, artist

Call to Patrons of Artist Windon Newton Importance of Provenance

Call to patrons who commissioned or purchase the art of Windon Newton. Consider the authentic origin or source from which a thing comes, and the objects  history of subsequent owners or "chain of custody"  and validate the ART with all those amazing stories, especially when a work of art is resold and you have it now. Your assistance extablishishes the art's current market value, catologes current location with owner and sharing information keeps us involved.

UPDATE the ART's Provenance.

(please include
Provenance in the subject line)

Selected Patrons:

American Stage,

Azorin Family,

Barnett Bank,

Diagonal Data Corporation,

Florida Brick and Clay,

Florida Southern College,

Florida Trust for Historic Preservation,

Patrick and Nancy Forster,

Frost, P.A.

Dr. Andreas J. Gross,

Holland and Knight, P.A.,

William R. Hough Co.

Constantine Karakitsoo,

Dr. Wolfgang & Christine Krapp,

Polk Museum of Art,   Windon's Comsic Umbilical Cord, Polk Museum of Art Collection

Sembler and Company,

Salem, Saxon and Nelsen,

Rollins College,

Ken Rollins

Frank Thiel

Kenneth Wilson,

LA Art Box,

Orange Lake Resort,

Otto Flath Stiftung   SUßTRAUME : TRAUM SUß

Eric Lang Peterson,

Maitland Art Center,

Gerry Shepp,

Michael Stevenson,

University of South Florida,

Wayland Academy,


Patrons purchasing from:

The studio in Bad Segeberg, Germany

Gessford and Newton Studios


"I want to thank each patron for inspiring me and supporting my artistic effort, a way of thanks is by establishing  provenance. Contact me."

- Windon Newton, artist

Seeking the purchaser or patrons of the art of Windon Newton: including images from his sketchbooks to the small studies, drawing session from numerous locations, cities, planes, train, busses, resorts, etcetera.


Call to patrons of artist Windon Newton and his art.

(please include Provenance in the subject line)


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All rights reserved. All images on are original creations produced by the artist, Windon  Newton.